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As some of you might already know, I (Meli) have a second job besides photography. When I am not behind my camera I stand in front of more than 20 people from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea to teach them German. Each of them are so kind, warm hearted, eager to learn and especially generous. They invited me and my colleague to their "home" to have lunch with them. Needless to say we accepted the invitation instantly :-)

When we arrived at the refugees' dormitory we were welcomed heartly. They showed us where they lived and guided us through the house ending in the kitchen, where some of them were still in the middle of a two-days-cooking-marathon. Only for us!! And those smells were amazing!!
One of the four-bed-rooms served as dining room, which they completely rearranged so all the tables and chairs would fit in.
After some time I gave my camera to one of the guys and what can I say? See it in the pictures :-)
I deeply wish that they and all other refugees are welcomed in Germany in the same open-hearted way as we were welcomed in their house.
 am so happy to know these people! Thanks again guys for the fantastic food and the beautiful afternoon!
And most of all: welcome to Germany!

Mein Second Shooter :-)

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